Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Memory of Peter Starrs

Peter and the San Francisco sun facedown in a book repping the better side of Seattle.

Passion, intellect, style and class.

Peter's skating embodied those words and he lived life with similar fashion from my viewpoint.

His skill and dedication would both transcend the wood and gum soles.

That being said he brought the board alive with his feet.

Peter was studied and articulate with opinion based on fact.

I happened to see him out of Seattle last weekend and was shocked to receive a call with news today that he had passed away after an extremely unfortunate accident on his bike.

Tony showed me the image at the top of this post and it captures a moment perfectly...

There should have been many more Peter.

I do believe you are in a better place.

My condolences go out to your family + friends now and far down the line.