Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011


It took me way too long to come across this.

The power of facebook and a pininfarina styled coupe.

2+4 and way better than anything outta Germany.

Definitely not what Enzo intended but the snow shots speak road car for sure.

I'd be down for a caddy too...

Sweet Review

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hurst Eco Friendly USA Molded Rubber Racing Slicks

At that One Motorcycle Show I came across the 19in example of Cody's drag bike slick on the Dusen from Moto Galore. I had hoped to meet the man behind the product knowing he was from the area wanting to give him my thoughts on the possibility of a 21in 2.75 ribbed re-tread. I was in the room where I had my bike for a total of 5 minutes that night and Cody happened to call out the fact that I'd belt-sanded my AVON. He and Blaine were stoked and super sweet - the rubber back story revealed itself appropriately - I somehow squeaked Cody's cell # out of the dialog too. The next day we went down to Oregon City to see something interesting. I'd first seen that slick on DICE's blog and this post is a re-hash from my perspective. Todd has more professional imagery of this visit I hope he gets out in some physical format. I've always been interested in people making shit in the good ol' USA and HURST runs the market for Hot Rod tires from what I gather. If you knew the amount of personal energy that goes into each tire you'd be blown away. It's so post-modern. Not so much a re-tread but a re-birth. Right? It's a ton of work and crazy dangerous. Cody walked us through each step and you'd definitely back up when the grinder spins. The shop was super clean and smelled strangely sweet. The heat transfer happens with some 300 degrees of steam and the rubber they use is from the US. Not sure if it's Akron but most definitely home-grown. Cody bleeds dedication and does something truly unique. If you mention that to him he'll spin it back at his father. It's hard to put into words. Like I said you'd get it the second that crazy grinder turned on. From the Rubber Room For Sure!! Crazy.

The room adjacent to the shop has a ton of racing memorabilia… this just happened to catch my eye. Was quite the site to experience in total. The Burnout video below might just capture that grinder feel I spoke to in text previous… I always thought I wanted a 3rd gen belvedere? Altered wheelbase NOVA's are pretty rad. Super Tight Chassis. Pulled from HURST's site.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Followin a Similar Theme

Knowledge is power.

People don't like to share.

Internet Biking is rad!!

Give me tons of douchebumps everywhere : )

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Machinist

Has had many conversations with me.

Over It

At least somebody tried to capture the emotion...

Understanding intent may be more complex.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Even In The Rain

Natalie just turned me on to this one...

Not sure I'd make the Hopper/Fonda connection hearing it on the radio.

Interesting perspective and not necessarily my type of music.

Sunrise Cycles : QOTSA EVO

I searched the web for more details on this build because this bike stuck in my mind for obvious reasons. Not too much out there so I decided to rehash for google search : ) Crazy craftsmanship from Scott Craig paint to whatever the hell those dudes in Silverlake are doing. Sunrise Cycles. Cute Style!!

Best EVO Ever.

Stolen From DICE

See This Here Dudes at Sunrise Scanned from FrontEnd Magazine

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I dig a ... post. Blog Barf. This thing really can be a log more than anything coherent. I sometimes look back at it as a timeline. Can't believe another week flew by. Alot has happened. I have some cool images from my annual travels to New York I'll post in a more thought out entry. Toys and Choppers have been on my mind. On the flight back I saw one of the best car movies ever. Bonnie and Clyde. Those guys were web logging on paper a century ago. I'm so happy Truffaut and Godard passed!!! Beatty and Natalie Wood woulda been weird. It's all about Faye Dunaway and Gene Wilder. Fuck Hillary Duff! I have to see Mickey One.

These 2 Were Pretty Self Aware

Eugene Grizzard

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NY TF 2011

Tunnel vision from the middle seat it's that lack of continuity feeling I like to communicate.

It's my 5th year at Toy Fair with striking parallels to the first except that I had a day to myself.

Sales meeting

LA apartment in Javits

I heard the white stripes disbanded meanwhile jack sparrow is in his 5th incarnation in front of the LEGO booth

Took a walk to the guggenheim… and then went into the met The Met Guitar Heroes almost like motorbike builders with a few thousand more fans and years of history. You are highly encouraged not to take pictures at the museum. These are built from the same piece of wood on negatives. Economics of use… Green way before it was cool. Crazy detail. The Arms and Armor was Amazing Random Shots along the way