Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sort Your Gears Out 5th Gear

Brit shit


If You Got an Hour to Burn Rally Crash 3

Thanks Eddie... The Audio Makes it Radder


Reason to Read Easyriders

Only if Nathaniel hooks it up free from Harley

Fuckin Sucker Monica

Cali life for sure. Backyardigans.

I Found Some Eyewear on That Trip to NewYork


Friday, February 27, 2009

I AM 13

going on going nuts

Get a Go-Ped Contact Willie

It Snowed I Road

Was fucking cold. Nathaniel and Maggie had me over for beef strokenhauf. Was rad. And then we went to lynwood.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Night With Huff Motorsports

Not to be confused with the bay area retailer ex-skater (hmm) who snapped ollie to manual finess. Steve Huff worded up my saturday night. Tower and I tagged along for the wild ride to his shop in so do. fucking hillarious - super nice dude. eccentric. Street choppers has a write up on him in spokane for the 100 years of motorcycles gig. fucking bro to the max. i guess. anyway the dude is a dude. hes scootin around on this rhino lined SandS 220 rear wheeled chromed out billeted thing beyond me. he gets the wheel out dry grated concrete. any way. i bent some metal on the english wheel... or french roller. or welder. oh. and i went to my first rave. and saw the dopest vhs collection in recent months. fuck

It Did Say Gangster Lean...

Damn cluefeeta. Thanks for the brew.

And Bia Sold His sR

The post is late to the take.

Still a bro. No more roll for him. Wish id screenshotted the CL ad. it was the 5th time he posted it. they got funnier every time. hope Keo digs the halgon shocks...

Nothin but love there dude.


El Jefe

Bondo Bro
GPZ 5fifdee
Still bro

Sunday, February 22, 2009

SR 5Million And One

The TT/XT and SR are Almost the same bike. Jap copy Brit single supposedly better blah blah blah. I ran mine past 7krpm and blew the cyli jug off its base. And drove 7miles at 5omph home without oil. Long story short I'm still pretty stoked on the thump eventhough the shit shakes bolts out like crazy. My center stand rattled off going down to georgetown, broke a weld, and put me on the shoulder under convention. Not fun but i did find a wire on the side of the road to tie it back on. I always wondered what it'd be like with cars whizzin by 2 feet away. not scary. just distracting. any way i got that tank in a deal gone wrong from some VME bro in Tacoma. Toby's rd200 too. Separate story thanks Murph. See you on vashon. I wire wheeled the tank in my bathroom. shit flew everywhere. ha. and the little wires still stick in my feet now and then. they hide everywhere. nonetheless the tanks on my bike only with help from el jefe. dudes a bro. bros a dude. twinline has had kina a bad rap in town but understand the customer base. twinline wants to do better and they've only been good to me. sorry biagio... 3k down the drain huh? if i see your sr with keo on it it wont be the same. boo hoo. anyway my shit is more rat style than bratstyle. a boner bike conceived in the BR. The BR 500. Bro. Least this tank stays on. it kinda, weirdly enough, fits the curve of that fucked up tailpiece on the stock seat... some dude in olympia had that plastic piece shit on CL for 80$ Boner bike. Priceless.

What It Was Is Now Ever Shall Be World Without End

Amen... Brothers

Friday, February 20, 2009

This dude Thanks to Kick to Kill

If i played the guitar it'd be like this dude. Max Ochs.

then i don't...

but i steal shit from here



Pioneer Square Saloon

I've been doin pioneer square more than i'd like to admit lately since ben gotta loft down there. weeknights mostly... in the end there's nothing you can extract from the scene more than you already know. South enders still run the joint. Nonetheless I'll say that the pioneer square saloon (no cover) has one of the worst free pool tables i've ever played. good spot, super off level and a wicked unprotected corner pocket that pings when you sink a ball in it. The room it's in is surrounded in 4 corners of chalk boards. people definitely spent time on their work on the wall instead of the table. anyway ben and i went quadruple or nothin last night in the worse series of cue exchanges ever.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Most Unpleasant Assignment : Rated R

Half Cut David Byrne

Tobe is the dude that says some shit then i think its pretty fuckin funny. I know it wasn't half cut david byrne but the message before we snagged an after work drink on his break was to the effect that he needed his doo chopped. then we met for one at the can can pre-burlesque show and i cellysnapped this one fully knowin it was going on the blog. Tobe is moving down to olympia planning to live in an airstream his dad's buying for retirement and parking it on his ex-girlfriends lawn. i thought a quick histo add to blogdom may serve some purpose mirrored to byrne's later years mid 90's style.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fuck That San Francisco Treat

It's good to be home

2009 Toy Fair

Crazy to think it was 2006 that i went to my first. It's an odd place for sure to say the least. I didn't see much that stoked my out save for a bunch of old people. Kyle and I had some good co-worker bro sessions. He fell asleep in the Razor scooter meeting. And scored three large on the way back chicago leg too.