Friday, March 27, 2009

A Night and a DeLeon

Analog begins... he told me he was put in jail the day they made you watch TV digitally. That was in Idaho and Black Sunshine is the name of his bike. A CM400 that is louder than shit. You could use his seat cushion as a flotation device.

DeLeon... oppositely is escaping the jail of space, place, girlfriend of ex and seattle. An art opening after socking a dude at the redwood later getting it back ending up at no-space is so rad. I forget what the writing on the wall said but i've always dug his shit. He's making the mid-2-s move east to NY and sittin in with Braydon. I know he will find success. He told me hes gonna shoot tons of naked chics and party. I said I will visit... Just as long as he fits in a few landscapes. Please stay away from Vice.

Stangland and Krew... Lizzy and Hunter S Captain too. I took him for a walk. He's ready to roll. Rad.

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