Friday, April 23, 2010

Repeat Retreat Road Trip SF LA SAC and Back

Save redundancy this vacation was quite a necessary event. We took this trip in stride and started on point at 6am (maybe 7) on the 27th of last month. It already seems like such a long time ago. Now its logged. We didn’t focus too much on the image quality and broke out the camera only by chance - now I wish we had done it with more frequency. Natalie drove 90% of the time... always in the City (SF + LA) and I got behind the wheel only if I could keep her asleep. Pretty much point A to B near 100mph. A bit different than the 28hr straight trip back up in the uhaul last year. Natalie has rad friends... Lauren, The Rocket Girls, Zach and Josh. It was good to see Kevin and how the fuck we ran into our upstairs Neighboors at Cha Cha in Silverlake I'll never know. Some imagery below.

Eugene Is an Oregon Version of Spokane Breakfast at 1130am En Route to SF (Natalie Pic)

Emily and Todd… We Made It! So Rad (Natalie Pic)

Grapevine… Past Buttonwillow and The Demise of Astro Van 2009


The Hills are So Rad

Natalie Got this at the Observatory and I'm Secretly Posing

We Went Back to The Observatory At Night

The History Behind Chateau A Spelling of Natalies Good Taste and a 15$ BLT (Lauren Pic)

Lauren Drives Like a Mad Women and So Does Natalie They are Best Friends

Josh Isnt Hollywood But I Don't Know Him Too Well (Natalie Pic)

Creeping On a Come Up

Natalie at Night not Sal Mineo or Ratso Rizzo

35th Sighting Unfortunately No UHDudes

Rocket and Bordello off 1st Stree Bridge Stoked to See the City From that Angle

Del Taco

Disneyland (Natalie Pic)

Capitan EOMG 4d Experience I'm Am Stoked You Got Me Here Again (Natalie Pic)

Small World Afterall and A Rad Ride Too

(Natalie Pic)

We Hopped Outta Line and Eventually Passed this Off After Waiting an Hr in Line

(Natalie Pic)

(Natalie Pic)

(Natalie Pic)

In and Out So Many Times So Good (Natalie Pic)

Shinya's Gallery

Shinya Has a GS 1000 Too

Shinya and Ayu Have This Spot in Azusa There is Stuff There Beyond Belief I'm Stoked Natalie and I Saw it. Thanks to Troy.

We Tripped Hard and Natalie Did Eventually Get Pulled Over But She Got Outta that Ticket

No Smoking And Perhaps Some Seeded Overcompensation 2 Packs of Garlic and Salt and Pepper Giants The Best, Davids of Course and Dill Pickle Spitz Rehab



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