Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Carlo Borrani

I need to follow the advice of a more experienced man.
I swapped the boxed swingarm out in favor of a tubular version and back again due to fitment issues.
Troy’s buddy Bill told me this would be the case…
Should have listened because it is something I’m completely capable of doing.
I'll wait to come up on a hydraulic drum conversion and different shocks to go that route.
Some wire wheeling and sand blasting on the parts that came with the bike go as an interim fix.
That wilwood caliper was once dunked in rootbeer and came from an Alfa GTV.
One of the odd looking ones – Kammback?
I do like shouldered aluminum and will need to get creative to street the front wheel.
A bit of a shave and shim will do the trick.
I hesitated to get it to this point because now the shop dudes can roll it around Twinline.
It takes me an hour to clean up after I touch anything there and another in the shower scrubbing my fingers.
I’m ok with that amount of effort tho.

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