Monday, June 6, 2011


It was partially sunny Sunday in Seattle.

The forecast obviously called for something different.

My bike, in the same vein, worked opposite of my assumptions most of the day too.

First the final drive chain fell off HERE.

Got back on it and rode until a bolt backed out into the primary chain.

The sound that shit made sunk my heart.

I walked the bike back to the shop and called Eddie for a lift.

I wasn't going to take my primary cover off until I had slept on it.

I was fine knowing it didn't blow through that MPD finned cover and wasn't a case.

Levi was set to see what damage had occured and I let him go at it with the bike in Eddies truck.

The picture is pretty funny. The bike is almost as big as the 22r shorty.

I was stoked to be back on the road after I got the bolt out of the clutch basket gears.

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