Thursday, October 6, 2011

From a Room to Some Rain

The images above represent a take on Mr Jones's journey to Panheads Forever.

Insert something funny about how rain ends shit and enjoy the evening after sipping a fenderless oil-spiked drink.

I've sworn by some of the dreams I've had after a ride in the rain but that's an aside.

This pan is that dude's dream come true.

The motor made its way north from Utah as a passenger on ride-share response via Craigslist.

The rideshare guy crammed the partial roller all up in the back of his Honda Element and delivered it to Mr Jones.

I see that as quite the operational efficiency.

This Pan spent a short time in a bedroom as well of course.

It enjoyed some late evening shop hours too.

That frame has all the good bits on it believe it or not.

There's no good way to tell the story of how a bike gets to the road it seems.

Mr Jones made this happen with good pieces and resources.

Rather quick I might add.

I was psyched to see this come together and go for a tune-scoot.

Even if it was a bit wet.

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