Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kia Karimi 1948 Swing Arm Pan Shovel

Kia can definitely ride up hills on this one.

Stoked when he came my way for some insight and a bit jealous that I didn't go see this in person on my search. Glad to see it going above all.

Still kinda perplexed how clean it is in person.

Always good to have friends in the mix. Analog, Troy, Tower, Biagio and Todd helped me a ton so I'm glad to do the same.

Kia had built a CB cafe and an XS rigid over the past few years and definitely pulled the trigger on a big bike.

With style too.

In a few nights at the garage behind his 9-5 he'd ditched the fat blobs, done some wiring and can now kick on this.

I see a rigid frame in the near future and Kia's got ideas for a 21 and new controls next in line.

He still kinda likes to skid the rear tire and blames it on the juice in his drum.

Just gotta go through a few bottles of break fluid.

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Biagio said...

Unreal. Now I am jealous.