Monday, March 21, 2011

Sissy Bar

Boi... Biagio I know you'll probably see this post tomorrow.

We should square away that axle huh.

I'm sure you'll want a new fender setup soon.

Levi's kx250 is a wheelie machine.

I came up with the safety wire sutured tail-light sitch.

Yes it was most definitely a hack


Biagio said...

Big thanks to Nick for all the hard work and his ability to translate his ideas into concrete creations. You cannot stop this guy once he gets going. I tried my best. Keo is also the man, coming in and saving my rear end. I just hope the axel stays in one place.

ND said...

Stream of consciousness - You wanted it... I helped. Glad to have done it with you doods. Wait that sounds weird. I meant chop instead of hack in my closing statement. No comment on the amiguity of our mechanical orientation. Motorgazmico. Corny shit ensues and word to your mother. Your father owes me dinner. PPS - Don't end up in a trailer!