Wednesday, May 11, 2011







The PO on my SR crashed it somewhere out on the penninsula.

That bike is 2 complete motor rebuilds down the line and a ton of fun.

Regarding the coupe... I don't think the effed up windshield is so much a sign of bad luck but more a thing of good intentions gone bad.

The lady Eddie and I picked this up from was like my husband had a few beers , packed the kids up in the car after they were hootin and hollerin around the campfire, they ended up inna ditch and we never got around to fix it.

Somewhere in its lineage a remote manual engine fan toggle was installed.

These things will always require some attention.

60mph with the alignment out by a few degrees, expired tabs and a broken windshield made the slight exhaust manifold leak experience pretty damn sweet.

The car would go to full right lock if I let the wheel loose.

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