Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Shovel Head Is Home

I had planned to get miles on the bike down in the Rainier valley.

That way I could work out any issues that would arise with Mr Forouhar.

Plus the scene is a damn fine one.

The sun came out up in Seattle and I changed my mind.

I'll make it back down with a good group of dudes.

Thank you again Jason for all the help.

Thank you Eddie for accompanying me in the 22r.

Nice to have a truck just in case.

11pm i5 traffic was mellow.

Spanaway was a totally different story.

Always is...

The bike is smooth inna straight line and cruises at 70.

It all made for a dreamy state of mind.

I still need to put more energy into the brakes.

That made the trip to work this morning quite a trip.


Moto Messiah said...

Nice Shovel... How much over is the front end

Moto Messiah said...
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