Monday, November 7, 2011

Semigood 250 Mile Primary Chain Slide

The stuff that could go wrong with this shovel has... almost.

I dropped a finaldrivechain on the 5 last weekend and pretty much shrugged off a bottom end blowout with the sound it made after watching the sparks that flew too.

I know it'sa mouthful but that sorta-stuff is always circulating in the back of my mind.

...easier said the shit that could go wrong.

It may be a mild personality disorder.

We all have them.

Mine is blocked off with a twist of the throttle.

I sometimes swear it'll be the last but admittedly get my kicks from it too.

That balance between power and problem.

I dont so much mind my time focused on the bikes quirks tho.

Sometimes a funky fix has to be found.

Example... Thanks to Thom my primary chain has been sliding on White Oak.

A more organic alternative to that piece of shit white plastic thing.

We were all supposed to ride around a few Sundays back so I took off my cover to adjust the chain and found a slew of plastic shard had accumulated under the clutch hub.

Needless to say the slider was shot.

I called Thom and 4-wheeled the few blocks over to his shop...

He's always there - thats a given.

In the end he made quick work of this tooling.

A total of 15 minutes is what it took...

It's been working pretty damn well and with a chain primary you can sense when it needs adjustment so I'm not sweatin it.

For now...

Dude is a pro... such an awesome indication of his priorities.

More good-wood-work here.

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