Sunday, February 15, 2009

Material Girls String Theory

I was never much for blondes... but that's how the weekend goes. The moments go as I just got outta the showa stayin up for a 6 am flight to toy fair in new york. Least I got to travel with AMZN. Ben had a memorable quote from Friday night to the point that my blog sucked and i'm not creative and shit. I told him hes right, never said i was creative and then said he aint straight and likes ass play and stuff in the butt. Then valentines day comes. the next day. I went to go get my emissions checked on 6th in sodo... it was closed. I used JB weld with Eddies help to seal a hole in my muffler even. To no avail. So i had to go get some black LEE's at sears to ease the pain. I'm there 10 minutes and checkin out and shit. And then i turn around and see fuckin ben holdin the same jeans. then i took this pic. And now i catch the cab.

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