Sunday, February 22, 2009

SR 5Million And One

The TT/XT and SR are Almost the same bike. Jap copy Brit single supposedly better blah blah blah. I ran mine past 7krpm and blew the cyli jug off its base. And drove 7miles at 5omph home without oil. Long story short I'm still pretty stoked on the thump eventhough the shit shakes bolts out like crazy. My center stand rattled off going down to georgetown, broke a weld, and put me on the shoulder under convention. Not fun but i did find a wire on the side of the road to tie it back on. I always wondered what it'd be like with cars whizzin by 2 feet away. not scary. just distracting. any way i got that tank in a deal gone wrong from some VME bro in Tacoma. Toby's rd200 too. Separate story thanks Murph. See you on vashon. I wire wheeled the tank in my bathroom. shit flew everywhere. ha. and the little wires still stick in my feet now and then. they hide everywhere. nonetheless the tanks on my bike only with help from el jefe. dudes a bro. bros a dude. twinline has had kina a bad rap in town but understand the customer base. twinline wants to do better and they've only been good to me. sorry biagio... 3k down the drain huh? if i see your sr with keo on it it wont be the same. boo hoo. anyway my shit is more rat style than bratstyle. a boner bike conceived in the BR. The BR 500. Bro. Least this tank stays on. it kinda, weirdly enough, fits the curve of that fucked up tailpiece on the stock seat... some dude in olympia had that plastic piece shit on CL for 80$ Boner bike. Priceless.

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