Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Night With Huff Motorsports

Not to be confused with the bay area retailer ex-skater (hmm) who snapped ollie to manual finess. Steve Huff worded up my saturday night. Tower and I tagged along for the wild ride to his shop in so do. fucking hillarious - super nice dude. eccentric. Street choppers has a write up on him in spokane for the 100 years of motorcycles gig. fucking bro to the max. i guess. anyway the dude is a dude. hes scootin around on this rhino lined SandS 220 rear wheeled chromed out billeted thing beyond me. he gets the wheel out dry grated concrete. any way. i bent some metal on the english wheel... or french roller. or welder. oh. and i went to my first rave. and saw the dopest vhs collection in recent months. fuck

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