Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another $40 Pan

Or 61... either way you look at it these are some distorted images of the scooter Dennis can now shift through all of the gears on.

Yeah that frame is ex-award winning show chrome.

That is the only palm tree in Seattle to add scarcity to the mix.

Sub-Pop can subliminally represent WA but I'll put a line out to Hardly Art the sister label.

Shorties is good for a beer but stay away from any drizzled cheese.

Dennis spent a few nights in front of his house with a flashlight in his mouth and a soldering iron in his hand putting this together.

He spent more at the Bent Bike bins on shit he didn't need to get it running.

10$ is the magic MSRP on anything that isnt a pipe clamp but I guess that is all it took.

Dennis still doesn't have a shop and I'm hoping that changes soon.

Enough said I was stoked to see this bike outta his bedroom and on the street.

It is fast and smooth.

I dig the rear-conti too.

Find some of his other goods here.

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