Tuesday, August 2, 2011

That Pan Man

Dennis is from Texas. His current situation is loc'ed out pretty well smack dab in the center of Seattle. We rode a few weeks back and he caught the bad end of an oil slick, spun and high sided on his hand. He'll swear by that moto-3 full-face and says he slid a few feet on it in the CD. I looked back just in time to see the bike on the ground and snapped an image of it on the sidewalk with bent bars a few blocks after. It could make you cringe. I recently joked about the dudes shorts. It never seems warm enough in Seattle to wear 'em. This last weekend was an exception to that. So we rode just a bit and bull-shitted some more. Dennis could barely hold his bike up with a bummin wrist but he did manage to scoot around a few cars and we followed suit. Todd snuck up in a pic for added effect wilst Biagio gets a tranny-fluid swap.

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