Monday, August 1, 2011


Not to be confused with Manuel.

Super labor intensive nonetheless.

All bad joking aside some of the shit I put out is semi-self effacing. Or self-indulgent. You be the judge. This is 1.30 min of a solo-skate session that pretty much embodies my style. Ouch. No flip in flip out. Just simple repetition - it takes me a bit longer than average to make shit. Regardless that's what I've dug most about the act over the years. Process. Keeping it close to the ground away from tons of people. In the same vein I've done a many kickflip but only a few memorable ones. All the rest you produce feel like work until you catch the right flip the right way. To each their own. Anyway... I rarely balance on my back wheels and in retrospect I should have hopped over my iphone. At least made that nose manual. Hindsight is 20/20. I wonder what this dude would say and I must admit I was stressing a pebble on the approach the whole time. Getting critical on the cover.

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