Friday, February 4, 2011

Bernard Lee "Pretty" Purdie, Keo Curry and The Dan

Home At Last has been playing as backdrop for quite some time. Natalie was always tripping about the making of Aja video and I stumbled upon this clip of the purdie shuffle "…They weren't sure how and what they wanted… I'll show you where you can feel comfortable with it and you'll end up getting exact what you ask for… 1/2 time, funky, laid back without thinking…"

At the shop it's mostly UGK or something of that genre...

Keo gave me some time last night and completed the scene.

That dude. He's got shit named after him too. Kinda like a smith grind or a caballero… and a shoe? Ronnie Jame Keo… KEO Speedwagon. Corny. That’s making it tho. He helped me get the sissy bar accent more circular. Brian hooked up the oxy-acetylene torch.

This still blows my mind…

Spot cleaned…

The drive home from the shop was in that good time just after a hard rain. If it exists the reflection off the asphalt does the best to put in perspective. I opted to drive by the Ferrari dealership on the way too. Paint fumes and Steely Dan.

Glossy black on the fender just at a middle point… I hope to air brush it down the line. That work can be done in my living room.

Tunes for the cage

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