Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strong Killings : Too Cool

These guys just finished recording a month or so ago after playing a ton of shows and doing all of the stuff bands do. I'm not a musician by any means but can appreciate when a bunch of dudes are on point and well practiced. Strong Killings are professional and smart. Crazy to think that some guys do it for 30 yrs and stick it out through ups and downs. Nate spent a few years of his youth living in my home town moving from a smaller spot in Idaho. Natalie and Nate toured together for 2+ yrs and I wouldn't have any connection to him without her. Nate has crazy range in his voice and we'll reflect sometimes on different versions of what we experienced growing up in Spokane. He most recently recapitulated a scene from a 90 degree day. On his way to an afternoon movie packed deep in a 4-door his crew sent him to snag a 6-pack of beer from the local excell foods. Smoothness had sufficed and he'd been able to get what he needed gratis on the regular (save this occasion) from back stock near the bathroom. The clerk happened to be in the right place at the wrong time and gave chase. Nate made it out the door and across the parking lot but not quite to the car. He circled around a house with these guys on hunt almost free until a good samaritan made it out of his caprice and got ahold of a piece of his hoodie and Nate landed face down with a few knees on his back. His buddies ended-up at the cimemas and Nate had his way with the police. It's a 10 minute drive from excel to the courthouse and all the way any normal person would be sweating a night stay. Somehow mid way through the drive the police gave him the option to get out and call his mom from the Shogun pay-phone. I don't remember what conversation he had with the cops. In those types of encounters there is nothing that you can really say. The whole time he told me this story I was like fuck those dudes that went to the movies but Nate was like what else were they supposed to do? That attitude got Nate outta the car. In my read "Too Cool" embodies that scene - I'd be stoked if my friends had been there to snag me as opposed to calling my mom. Maybe that's unrealistic. In the end the song is rad and Strong Killings speak for themselves.

Too Cool by StrongKillings

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