Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Chop Speed Shop and Junk Food Parlor

Hot Chop Speed Shop and the dudes running it know what they are doing. I emailed an alias in hopes to get more info on this build.

I am also interested in their burger business. From my sketchy google translations I gather that they run a shop and a Junk Food Parlor within minutes of each other in Kyoto Pefecture. I bet the burgers are as spot on as their bikes in all that sesame seed subtlety. In my limited experience a Japanese burger is incomparable to the American version. Every one I ate there was insane... but not to simply draw conclusions. They each have their perspective on that particular sandwich format.

The bike pics are combined from 2 scans I snagged from Hot Bike and other off of the Hot Chop Blog. If you look hard enough you'll see Takao Isobe gets most of those photo credits - I hope to learn more about this bike soon as it is definitely inspiring... the shock-cover-mount tail light? Cast and branded clutch bits with a crystal knob shifter just to name a few of the many details.

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