Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I dig a ... post. Blog Barf. This thing really can be a log more than anything coherent. I sometimes look back at it as a timeline. Can't believe another week flew by. Alot has happened. I have some cool images from my annual travels to New York I'll post in a more thought out entry. Toys and Choppers have been on my mind. On the flight back I saw one of the best car movies ever. Bonnie and Clyde. Those guys were web logging on paper a century ago. I'm so happy Truffaut and Godard passed!!! Beatty and Natalie Wood woulda been weird. It's all about Faye Dunaway and Gene Wilder. Fuck Hillary Duff! I have to see Mickey One.

These 2 Were Pretty Self Aware

Eugene Grizzard

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